Second Quarter 2010 Tab Update

Second Quarter 2010 Tab Update

Sometimes it doesn't seem like it, but it's been a productive quarter. We've focused on some of the more technical details of the Tab Creations Collective that we often neglect, and learned some things to help us in the future.

For one, during this last quarter we experimented again with marketing. This is something we hadn't really touched since the days of Dark Ages: Trystell. We experimented by both starting a Google AdWords advertising campaign, and donating to a convention (Intercon J) auction to promote our work. Neither of these attempts at really panned out with sales, but we did learn quite a bit about the sort of support we'd likely need if we were to make a successful marketing effort.

This marketing push also came with a revision of our main website. While the navigation of the new website stayed mostly the same, we did move to a Saga Machine-inspired motif for the background, rather than theTrystell Campaign Setting Revised motif we had previously had. Additionally, the structure of the main page and the wiki's navigation were changed a bit to be more visitor-friendly.

During this last quarter we also revamped the Tab Creations store. While the original plans of migrating to a different print-on-demand partner for our paraphernalia were revised, we did reconfirm our intent to stay with our current print-on-demand partners, and added new products to the online store.

In terms of producing actual role-playing product, the last quarter saw the release of one Trystell: Rebornsupplement: Trystell: Reborn -- Even More Traits. Additionally, we revealed the brand-spanking-new Trystell: Reborn logo, and released one Freebie Spotlight--the Trystell: Reborn Character Sheet.

Finally, work progresses on both the upcoming Trystell: Reborn -- Bestiary and The Zeotis supplements, and next quarter should see the release of at least one of them. Work on Shadows Over Sol has been put on hold until the summer's usual Tab meeting.

You know, that's a fair amount of progress. Hopefully the next quarter will be just as productive.

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