Second Quarter 2009 Tab Update

Second Quarter 2009 Tab Update

This quarter, things are still cranking away at Tab Creations, even if they are progressing a little slower than we would have liked. Like many times before, things have been slowed because we attempted to bite off more than we could chew at once.

The big release this last quarter was the first supplement for Saga Machine and the new Trystell: Reborn setting:Trystell: Reborn -- Basics. This supplement introduced the bare-bones of everything necessary to play the new revised Trystell setting using Saga Machine, and did so only a couple of weeks after its expected deadline, which all things considered, wasn't that bad.

Work is underway on the next supplement Trystell: Reborn -- Lifepath Module, which while originally expected at the end of this last quarter, is now expected by the end of this quarter. The reason for this is simple: After cranking out the Saga Machine core rulebook and the Trystell: Reborn -- Basics supplement within short order, we're suffering from a bit of writer's burnout. In addition, creating all the tables necessary for the Lifepath Module has turned out to be a larger task than expected, and some of us have been busy with LARPs. Nevertheless, despite the delay, the Lifepath Module will be completed.

The other big slowdown this quarter has been with our weekly Freebie Spotlight. While we successfully got one out every week we promised throughout January and February, sometime shortly into March we got busy with other things and they fell by the wayside. But such is life. This upcoming quarter, we don't promise one weekly, but we hope to put one out every now and then as we have ideas and time. This will also allow us more of our creative time working n higher priority projects like the next Trystell supplement or The Zeotis setting.

In terms of good news, the new material for Trystell is getting a fair amount of playtesting, as a campaign using the Saga Machine core rulebook and the Trystell: Reborn -- Basics supplement has already started in Manhattan, and has already provided some useful feedback on particular rules as they apply to gameplay. Also to be counted among the good news, this past quarter we did manage to put out the most important Freebie Spotlights for Saga Machine, including the GM Screen, player cheatsheets and several different possible character sheets.

So here's the plans for the future as they stand now: We hope to get out the Trystell: Reborn -- Lifepath Module by the end of the quarter. In addition, by the enf od the yeat, we hope to get out the door The Zeotis setting, as well as at least one other supplement for Trystell: Reborn. Finally, we hope to have occasional Freebie Spotlights released on our site, as time provides.

That's it for now. Have a good quarter.

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