Saga Machine Unified: Summer Playtest Packet

Saga Machine Unified: Summer Playtest Packet

We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who has participated in the Saga Machine Unified playtests! Your feedback is critical in helping define the future of Saga Machine. Today we release our final scheduled playtest packet: Game Mastering.

Click Here to Open Summer's Playtest - Game Mastering

We plan to collect feedack on this packet throughout the summer. Sometime in early fall we will compile all the feedback, and then the system will enter its final in-house development. Expect more announcements regarding Saga Machine Unified and our plans for our various game lines in the future.

About Saga Machine Unified

Saga Machine, our in-house RPG system, has evolved significantly since the release of Against the Dark Yogi in 2014, all the way through Age of Ambition in 2020. As we look to the future and consider the possibility of new editions of our games, we want to streamline and unify our mechanics in a way that supports our fans' preferences and makes it easy to go from one game line to another.

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