Saga Machine Unified: Fall Playtest Report

Saga Machine Unified: Fall Playtest Report

It's been three months since the release of the Fall Playtest Packet, and we're busy preparing for the release of the Winter Playtest Packet next week. Meanwhile, multiple internal playtests are well underway. Let's review the feedback that we've received this playtest cycle and what you're likely to see in the next packet:

  • The traits and weaknesses in the fall packet were mostly well received, particularly Esoteric Background. In the next packet, expect the trait list to remain fully intact, although we may tweak the cost and requirements of a few traits.
  • The equipment and lifestyle rules received glowing feedback. In the next packet, expect a tweak to a few weapon and armor properties, as well as a general reorganizing of the equipment lists into low-, high- and future-tech categories.
  • The latest version of the health and damage rules were also rated highly, although there was some concern about the severity of the Fatigue consequence's effects. In the next packet, expect some tweaks to the way Fatigue works.

We're looking forward to the winter packet's release. It will include powers, as well as fighting styles (maneuvers, stances and opening moves). With its release, the player options are mostly complete. What then remains is to rebalance, revise and build up the various game mastering options.

That's all for now. We look forward to your continued feedback!

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