Playtest Report: Shadows Over Sol #4

Playtest Report: Shadows Over Sol #4

Work on Shadows Over Sol continues to go well. Word from our editor is that the text is about half edited. If editing continues to go to schedule, we hope to have the full text back in our hands by the end of next month.

Meanwhile, the final open playtest has been released and is now in full swing. At this point the core of the system has been nailed down and we are testing peripheral systems, such as the vehicular combat system or various character creation alternatives.

The Shadows Over Sol: Quick-Start has now been released on DriveThruRPG in both PDF and print formats. It has been doing very well, and we hope that it will help the success of the Kickstarter for the full version of Shadows Over Sol in September.

Finally, preparation for what will become the initial stretch goals in the Kickstarter are underway. We plan to continue these preparations throughout the summer. Unfortunately, we might have to cut some of the demo sessions we has planned at GenCon, but we will still be there, ready to support and talk about our games.

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