Playtest Report: Shadows Over Sol #3

Playtest Report: Shadows Over Sol #3

Progress on Shadows Over Sol continues at a breakneck pace. Reports from the second open playtest have been coming in, revisions have been made and we’re soon going to ramp up to get ready for the final round of playtesting. Most systems have reached a stable state in playtest, but the ship-to-ship combat system is going get a bit more attention and polish in this upcoming round.

On other fronts, the writing is fully complete and we’ve hired our editor. Much of the text has already moved onto editing. We’ve also written our promotional quick-start scenario, edited it and received an initial layout for the quick-start booklet. We ought to be finalizing the quick-start and releasing it within the next month.

We’re planning a few supplements that will hopefully be green-lit as stretch goals when the core game Kickstarts. Right now these supplements are in outlines, but more work will be starting on them as soon as the quick-start gets out the door.

Everything is shaping up great! Stay turned for previews to begin in the spring, as well as demo sessions being featured at GenCon this year. The Kickstarter itself should begin in September.

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