Playtest Report: Shadows Over Sol #2

Playtest Report: Shadows Over Sol #2

Progress on Shadows Over Sol is coming right along. In the last week the first draft of the game was finished, a few more revisions to the rules were made and the open beta of the game was updated to its second phase. This draft of the game stands at around 110,909 words, and the second playtest has already been downloaded quite a few times. This version of the playtest includes our new vehicles, engineering and hacking systems. Feedback from the first playtest was invaluable for improving the game. We hope the feedback keeps coming.

Meanwhile, we have begun the process of commissioning art in preparation for the game's Kickstarter in the fall. The first couple drafts of artwork came in just earlier today, and we are excited! We've also started the process of looking for an editor.

We're planning to release a quick-start version of the game ahead of the Kickstarter to promote the coming Kickstater and to demonstrate the game's potential. Already we're beginning to put the text together for this. The quick-start will include a stripped-down version of the rules (necessary for its small page count), as well as a ready-to-run scenario. We have layout already lined up for this quick-start.

So all-in-all things are coming together nicely! Stay tuned, because in the not-too-distant future we ought to have some art previews on their way.

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