More Website Updates

More Website Updates

This month has brought a number more website changes, although with luck they should be invisible to most of you browsing the site. The most significant of these changes is a backend change, as we try to move away from the old wiki. This change should have gone into effect some time ago, however, the various search engines have been slow to index our new site pages, and so some technical solution was necessary. Hopefully now the new pages will be indexed smoothly.

The second change is progress on our new Solo RPG app, which was released to select alpha testers earlier this week. Also earlier this week, the first draft of the new site skin was completed, and hopefully everyone should see that roll out to the main site by the end of the year.

In news unrelated to the website, the Against the Dark Yogi Kickstarter is ready for launch once the holidays have passed. We've also gotten the few first chapters back from the editor, and things look good. Progress also continues on our upcoming card game.

Happy holidays!

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