Kickstarter Day 2 and Already 2/3 There!

Kickstarter Day 2 and Already 2/3 There!

We're nearing the end of Day 2 of our Against the Dark Yogi Kickstarter and already we are 2/3 of the way to the goal! That's a great start, and we would like to thank everyone who's helped us make it this far. We really couldn't do it without you!

Since we are so quickly making our way towards being funded, tonight we unveiled what we hope will be the first of many stretch goals. Here it is: At $4500 - that's $500 over our initial goal - we will make Against the Dark Yogi available in both epub and mobi formats to all backers at THE PDF level or higher. This will allow you to take Against the Dark Yogi with you anywhere you go, and read it on a wide variety of popular eReader devices!

Stay tuned for more updates as the Kickstarter progresses.

Against the Dark Yogi is a high-action tabletop RPG where players take on the role of epic heroes, destined to defend the mythological India-inspired world of Bhurloka. This world is attack due to the machinations of the Dark Yogi, a sinister figure bent on destroying dharma, the order of the universe, itself.

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