Jovian Whispers: Week 4

Jovian Whispers: Week 4

We continued to make decent progress this week. Two pieces of art came in for Jovian Whispers and we integrated them into the layout. As of the time of this post, there are four active art commissions and two pieces in the queue waiting to be commissioned. Once those six pieces come in and we complete a proofing pass, the initial PDF will be released to backers.

Speaking of which, we sent out add-on PDF rewards to backers who had completed their survey by last Tuesday. This means a lot of you should already have some of your rewards in your virtual hands. Later in the week, we'll do another pass sending out add-on PDF rewards to backers who filled out their surveys late. As of the time of this post, we're still missing surveys from 20 backers.

This week we also did layout for Trouble on Jackral V, the first unlocked One-Sheet Scenario, and proofed it as well. It's currently queued for release. And although it's not strictly Kickstarter related, we also made writing progress on Escape From Prison Isle, our July Patreon release. I'd estimate it now at just shy of halfway written.

In the upcoming week, we hope to receive more art back and to get the final two pieces commissioned. We plan to get the writing for Escape From Prison Isle close to finished, if not completely finished. And we plan to make another pass sending out PDF rewards.

Here is where everything currently stands:


  • One-Sheet Scenario #2
  • One-Sheet Scenario #3
  • One-Sheet Scenario #4
  • Jovian Epilogue document
  • System Hacks document

Writing / Art Production

  • Sol System poster map
  • Escape From Prison Isle scenario (July Patreon release)

Art Direction

  • Jovian Whispers campaign and sourcebook

Queued for Release

  • Trouble on Jackral V (One-Sheet Scenario #1)

Missed the Kickstarter?

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