Jovian Whispers Kickstarter is Live!

Jovian Whispers Kickstarter is Live!

Today is the day!

We've finally launched the Kickstarter for Shadows Over Sol: Jovian Whispers!

Jovian Whispers is a campaign and sourcebook for theĀ Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game. It follows up on the mystery of the Jupiter Group Incident, in which all four Jovian colonies went suddenly and inexplicably silent. It will be a full-color hardback volume estimated at 160 pages. It includes:

  • A flexible campaign consisting of five core scenarios, plus numerous optional "side trek" adventures and ample room for GM-created personal plots.
  • Complete details on the Jovian colonies and the Jupiter Group Incident, with numerous plot hooks and potential for future adventures.
  • The secrets of the Insurrection Virus, the intelligent malware that caused the downfall of the Jovian colonies.
  • Plus, plenty of terrifying new foes and challenges to keep the players gasping in horror for years to come!

Check out the project on Kickstarter!

Jovian Whispers

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