Ganjifa Cards & Against the Dark Yogi Beta 2

Ganjifa Cards & Against the Dark Yogi Beta 2

A while back, while researching for Against the Dark Yogi we briefly considered using Ganjifa cards in the game. Ganjifa cards are traditional round Indian playing cards, and they're pretty cool. The problem, we discovered, is that there hasn't been a general market printing of ganjifa cards in the US since the 1950's, and so they're very difficult to find. (Or at least difficult to find without shelling out a lot of money.)

The Ganjifa cards are really cool, and we think that others may think so, too. So we've been putting a Kickstarter together to print decks of them. And with any luck that will go live by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, progress on the public beta of Against the Dark Yogi hanse continued. We're on track to begin Beta 2 sometime next week. This beta will bring with it a few changes to our playtest structure, mainly in how participants can give feedback.

When downloading the beta participants will be prompted to optionally enter their email address. Then, once a month or so while the beta is ongoing, participants will be emailed a survey to provide feedback on the beta. This will be replacing the forum used for feedback during Beta 1.

Beta 2 will focus less on settling the major systems used by the game and more on balancing individual character options. It also presents three new paths that PCs can pursue: the spearman, the yogi and the performer.

So that's where development has been headed the past month or two. Until next time.

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