Freebie Spotlight: Combat Module Alternatives

Freebie Spotlight: Combat Module Alternatives

This week I present our newest Freebie Spotlight for Saga Machine: Combat Module Alternatives. This short document contains a variety of alternative options and systems for use with the Combat Module found in theSaga Machine core rulebook. Presented within are:

  • Single-Number Initiative: An alternate Initiative trait that simplifies Initiative into a single number.
  • Random Initiative: A method for having a randomized initiative order in Saga Machine.
  • Alternate Movement: A simplified way of handling a character Move in combat.
  • Alternative Healing Factor: A simplified way of deriving a character's Healing Factor.
  • Count-Based Combat: An alternative to the pass-round based breakup of the passage of time in combat.
  • Interact (Move Foe): A new option for the Interact maneuver in combat.
  • Multi-Action Passes: An option for tweaking passes and rounds to support a greater amount of action in a single pass.
  • Zone-Based Combat: A character movement alternative to the combat grid.

It's a pretty content-packed Freebie Spotlight, if I do say so myself. Take a look.

Meanwhile, the gears of Tab Creations keep turning behind the scene. The Zeotis setting for Saga Machine is nearly complete, and awaiting cover art. And a few more Freebie Spotlights are in the works--two for Trystell: Reborn and one for our core Saga Machine line.

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