Fourth Quarter Tab Update 2012

Fourth Quarter Tab Update 2012

Like the one before it, this quarter has been both busy and quite productive.

Foremost on our agenda was the release of our Arth alternate history setting. And complete it we did! Arth is out the door and has been available in the Tab Store for several weeks now. Additionally, in support of the setting, we released the logo, the character sheet, the world map and no less than three Freebie Spotlights in support of the setting.

Next on our agenda was work on our two upcoming print Trystell: Reborn supplements. And while neither of them have been released yet, progress on both of them has been stunning. The first of the two is going to be a full campaign, following up on the example campaign in the Trystell: Reborn hardback. Called What Comes Thereafter, expect to see it released in print within a month. The second of the two supplements is, of course,Blaugh'Ock, which expands the Trystell: Reborn setting to cover the "other moon." Expect this latter supplement to be a big one--almost as big as the Saga Machine Companion--and capable of standing on its own, even without the Trystell: Reborn hardback! Expect it to be released by the end of the year.

Okay, so we have two supplements coming up. What then? Well, this is the first we've officially talked about it, so listen up: We're beginning work on the next generation of Saga Machine games! We're still not sure the ultimate form that these releases will take yet, but we do have some light to shine on the first second-generation release.

Tab Creations is well into developing a role-playing game based on Indian Mythology. Taking place in a fantasy world inspired directly by ancient India, it will cast the player characters in the roles of high-powered mythic heroes. This will be a stand-alone game, with all of the rules necessary to play in a single hardback. It will use a heavily-modified form of the Saga Machine system--the first of what we hope to be many games using second-gen Saga Machine. We also hope to use it to launch an official rebirth of Tab Creations as an LLC, opening the game up to crowd-funding sometime in 2013.

But that's not all. Next year we're also looking to release our apocalyptic Nexus Endtime setting as something of a transitional product between our first-generation Saga Machine games and the next-gen. After that, where we go, we're off to uncharted waters.

Finally, we have one more announcement to add to the mix. In the very near future look for the introduction of our "Development Blog." While the TabBlog is for important announcements like releases, the Development Blog will be a more informal, and we hope more frequent, sounding board for our ongoing development as we work on creating the next generation of the Saga Machine system and our upcoming Indian Mythology game.

That's it for now. Have a good quarter!

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