Fourth Quarter 2011 Tab Update

Fourth Quarter 2011 Tab Update

Oh my, this has been a busy quarter for Tab Creations. While we didn't meet all of our quarterly deadlines, we did get a larger-than-usual amount of work accomplished, and are posed to have a number of releases in the imminent future. Let's look at what's been accomplished:

In our lead up to the Saga Machine Companion we've released no less than thirteen Freebie Spotlights this quarter, covering everything from updating the character sheets of all of our settings, to new rules and options that will be found in the Saga Machine Companion. This is our greatest number of Freebie Spotlights in a quarter ever!

And speaking of the Saga Machine Companion, while we missed our self-imposed "by the end of the quarter" deadline, we did manage to get it written, edited and through layout in that time. In fact the only thing it's missing now is a cover. So once the cover is finalized in the next week or two, expect the 144-page Saga Machine Companion to go live in the Tab Store. Not only is it our longest book since the original Saga Machine, but it also updates the system to new standards.

On the Trystell: Reborn front we have the next PDF supplement more than half done. This one is one of our longer supplements and contains a full campaign for Trystell: Reborn, set in the setting's signature city of Melanoc. With any luck it will be out by the end of the month.

But that's not all! That's just the beginning of our ramp up to the release of the final Trystell: Reborn hardback! That's right, the next setting on the agenda is the finalized Trystell: Reborn book. The Trystell: Reborn Open Playtest has gleaned some good feedback since it started, but it will be ending in the near future to allows for its efforts to be integrated into the Trystell: Reborn text. Look for an announcement in the near future, And expect the Trystell: Reborn hardback release probably early next quarter.

Looking further out we have a number of projects in the works. Planning is well underway for Arth, our next setting release after Trystell: Reborn. This is an action-packed alternate history set in 1904. Some thought has even been given to the setting after that, the apocalyptic Nexus Endtime. And there may even be one more printTrystell: Reborn supplement after the hardback. Expect all of that in 2012.

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