Fourth Quarter 2010 Tab Update

Fourth Quarter 2010 Tab Update

It's been a good quarter. Let's start by going over what's been accomplished in the last three months. Most prominently, we released our first final setting for the Saga Machine role-playing system: The Zeotis, our modern day superheros setting. It's right now available here and in the Tab Store. Also very much of note, we had two different releases for our Trystell: Reborn setting--a print product, Trystell: Reborn Poster Map, and a PDF supplement, Trystell: Reborn Pre-Generated Characters, which provides a full party of ready-made player characters that groups can use to test out the Trystell: Reborn setting.

This quarter we also released a variety of Freebie Spotlights. We released the Zeotis Character Sheet, for use with our recent Zeotis setting. We released Combat Module Alternatives, providing a wealth of new combat-based optional rules and systems. We released More Fantasy Templates, a long-announced freebie that expands upon the fantasy Template traits presented in the Saga Machine core rulebook. We revised and re-released the Trystell: Reborn Lifepath Worksheet, which had initially seen release previously. And finally we released the Baseline Alternatives freebie, which provides a variety of new options and alternate systems for the baseline Saga Machine game.

And in addition to all of these releases, we announced the Trystell: Reborn Open Beta program. A good quarter.

Looking to the future, we have a number of exciting products and releases lined up. But this quarter we're looking polishing some of our current releases. As you may have noticed, recently the Saga Machine Core Rulebook Errata has received a number of updates, and we've been sifting through the book, looking for other errors to correct in the errata. This quarter we're also planning to focus on releasing a few new Freebie Spotlights and shorter PDF Trystell: Reborn supplements. We have right now under development a Pulp Templatesfreebie, which will expand upon the Template traits in the Saga Machine core rulebook with a score of new Templates designed for the pulp genre. We are working on another freebie tentatively titled Alternate Equipment, which will present an alternate unit of encumbrance for equipment, as well as a streamlined and revised means of handling weapons and armor, mechanically. We also have mostly completed a PDF Trystell: Reborn release called Trystell: Reborn Background Tables, which aids the character creation process for Trystell: Reborn characters by providing a variety of tables to determine important character details, from height and weight, to name, to Specialties, to distinguishing features.

Looking further into the future, into 2011, we're gearing up to bring to you a variety of new setting booklets, starting with Shadows Over Sol, our brand new science fiction setting, announced a year ago. This setting should be completed sometime in the first quarter or two of 2011. Following Shadows Over Sol, sometime later in the year we hope to follow up with the release of Arth, our long-running alternate history setting, and Nexus Endtime, our apocalyptic world-spanning setting of confronting the end.

Looking even father into the future, we've been discussing the possible release of a companion volume to Saga Machine, one that would collect together all of the alternate rules and traits that have been released for the system, and then present them together with a new default standard for rules in use in the system. This would allow the system to evolve as releases and options have amassed for it. And, of course, the Trystell: Reborn beta continues, and we're working towards the eventual final hardback release of the Trystell: Reborn setting.

That about sums up what all we have underway, and what a lot it is. Here's to having another good quarter!

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