Fourth Quarter 2009 Tab Update

Fourth Quarter 2009 Tab Update

It's the last quarter of the year, and time for another Tab Update. It's been a slow quarter for Tab, but there has been some ongoing development. Let me sum it up:

The Trystell Lifepath Module is still being worked on, and progress is still being made. It continues to amaze us how much work is required for a Lifepath system, and since this quarter ought to have a lot more free time open for working on Tab development, we're pretty sure this release will see the light of day this quarter. It's already over 40,000 words and we expect it to be around 50,000 by the time we're done. And that's no small feat.

Earlier this last quarter also saw the establishment of a Tab Creations presence on the social networking sites online, as well as the conclusion of the first The Zeotis playtesting campaign. Both of these showed some promise, and we expect more to continue to be done with The Zeotis once we can finally move the Lifepath Module out of the pipeline.

Finally, look out this quarter for a small supplement to our Trystell: Reborn -- Basics release. This supplement should include a few new traits, such as Language traits, Limit Breaks and Dual-Techs. This material will be bundled with the Basics material and the Lifepath Module to form a Trystell Beta Player's Guide once the Lifepath Module is complete.

It's been a short Tab Update, but c'est la vie. We'll keep you updated.

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