Fourth Quarter 2008 Tab Update

Fourth Quarter 2008 Tab Update

By all accounts, the main push recently has been the completion of Saga Machine, which is currently entering the the second half of its playtesting phase. Much progress has been made on the game, and it certainly runs a lot smoother now than it did before the playtest.

Development-wise, things are looking good. The only sections left to write are rules revisions from playtest feedback, and finishing the bestiary appendix. The first pieces of interior art have begun to come in, thanks to my friend Adina, and I hope to begin putting the book into layout sometime during the second half of this month. In fact, the book is still on schedule for physical copies to roll out sometime in early December. This is good, because it helps prevent burnout.

Since the last quarterly update there was a Tab meeting in August, and the structuring of the setting releases to follow Saga Machine was decided upon. Specifically, most Tab settings will eventually get a release as a Saga Machine supplement--probably in the 32 to 64 pages range. They should each contain a setting overview, as well as any setting rules and adventure information necessary to run a game. This allows for the production of multiple settings, without getting caught up on large releases.

A notable exception will be our flagship setting Trystell: Reborn. The plan with Trystell is to develop and release the new version of the setting in sections. These will be released independently online in PDF, and eventually will be compiled into a full-fledged Trystell: Reborn campaign setting hardback. This allows for the production of Trystell: Reborn to be interspersed with other Tab settings. It is possible that early Trystell sections will also be compiled into a softcover Trystell Player's Guide, containing only the information needed by players in a Trystell game, with all that and more included in the later campaign setting. Either way, development continues slowly in the background as Saga Machine is finished.

Finally, The Zeotis is planned to be the first Tab setting booklet (asides from a possible Trystell section). Thought is already being given to fleshing out the setting, with a new forum for its development having opened up on the forums.

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