Foundry Support for Saga Machine Unified

Foundry Support for Saga Machine Unified

Last month we released the Summer Playtest Packet for Saga Machine Unified, the future of the Saga Machine system. This month we'd like to announce preliminary Foundry VTT support for it!

Currently, support for the system is in an alpha stage of development, but is nevertheless quite playable. Just open up Foundry VTT 11, click on Game Systems -> Install System and enter the URL below as the Manifest URL. This will install the system into Foundry and allow you to create games using it.

The software development of the system's Foundry VTT support is taking place on GitHub at the repository linked here. Please report any bugs or issues using its ticketing system.

As the playtest continues and we make further updates, we look forward to hearing from you about how your games have gone! Also, if you haven't yet filled out a playtest survey for the Summer Playtest Packet, please do so soon!

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