First Quarter Tab Update 2013

First Quarter Tab Update 2013

2012 was a good year for The Tab Creations Collective. We progressed from 2011 which saw the release of the Saga Machine Companion, an update to our Saga Machine system, through an entire new year. It was also the 20th year of Tab's existence in some form. Not bad.

The year began with the release of several Trystell: Reborn PDF supplements, leading to the release of the finalTrystell: Reborn hardback in June. Having the completed version of our flagship setting out was a major victory.

Meanwhile, we were featured in the magazine The Weekly Hype, published an update to our The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchman LARP and were again a supporter of Intercon.

This summer we release our first major website revision in several years and began work on our Arth alternate history setting. This was followed up with a number of Freebie Spotlights and the release of Arth itself.

The autumn saw the release of our first print supplement to Trystell: Reborn, a campaign-length adventure calledWhat Comes Thereafter. It also saw the introduction of our Development Blog, along with the announcement of a second generation of Saga Machine games in the works.

Work then began in earnest on our upcoming apocalyptic Nexus Endtime setting--the last of the first generation Saga Machine games--and Against the Dark Yogi--the first of our second generation Saga Machinegames. Meanwhile, work also still continues on a second Trystell: Reborn print supplement: Blaugh'Ock.

The year finished with the release of some supporting Nexus Endtime material and the publishing of the first version of the Development Site, which is being used for active 2nd Gen Saga Machine development.

Although it didn't happen in 2012, it did happen in the first days of 2013: the internal alpha test of Against the Dark Yogi began. It shows a lot of promise, and everyone agreed that it's looking good. Although it still needs a fair amount of writing before we can launch the public Beta (something we still plan on doing in the spring).

And along those lines, looking to the year ahead: Plans continue to finish the development of Blaugh'Ock andNexus Endtime, then to harken in a new era of 2nd Gen Saga Machine games, beginning with Against the Dark Yogi. We plan to keep posting to the Development Blog throughout this.

We're planning a public beta of Against the Dark Yogi in the spring, followed by a crowd-funding effort in the summer. This year we're also planning on some legal solidifications, making sure we're in ship-shape before we start crowd-finding. This will likely coincide with some website and forum cleanup.

After summer? Who can say? A lot of that depends on how development and the summer goes. But we keep planning.

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