First Quarter 2012 Tab Update

First Quarter 2012 Tab Update

2011 was a busy year for Tab Creations. Looking back, we began the year with the release of our third setting for Saga Machine, the hard sci-fi setting Shadows Over Sol, and then followed up our core and settings with no less than twenty Freebie Spotlights.

We continued our march towards the release of the final Trystell: Reborn hardback, with four Trystell freebies, the Trystell: Reborn Open Playtest, three Trystell PDF supplements and updated errata.

The last year also saw a significant update to the Saga Machine core, with the release of the Saga Machine Campanion, our longest book since the 2008 release of the Saga Machine core rulebook, and our first hardback print product since then. This release updated the core of the Saga Machine system with new rules options, new subsystems and a general system revamp that brought Saga Machine to a new, improved standard. And accompanying this release was new character sheets and general support for all of our settings, including theZeotis supers setting. Plus, the Saga Machine Companion SRD is now online.

Our latest LARP, The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchmen, released in 2010, saw a variety of runs this year. It was officially ran at Palindrome in New York, Festival of the LARPs in Massachusetts, SLAW in Massachusetts and KapCon 21 in New Zealand. It will also be running at Intercon L in 2012--a con Tab Creations also helped sponsor this year.

Looking ahead to the upcoming year we have much planned. The first half of the year should see the release of a number more Trystell: Reborn PDF supplements, and eventually the oft-mentioned final Trystell: Rebornhardback itself. In the first half of the yer we also hope to release our alternate history setting, Arth, as well.

The second half of the year should see the release of the apocalyptic Nexus Endtime setting, and possibly a follow-up expansion to Trystell: Reborn. These two products should bring to a close the current era of Tab Creations. But we have more plans in store.

Happy New Year!

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