First Quarter 2011 Tab Update

First Quarter 2011 Tab Update

Kiss 2010 goodbye. It's now 2011. It's been a busy year this last year. Let's take a look at all that Tab Creations has accomplished.

On the general Saga Machine front we released a set of Consequence Cards to speed Saga Machine play, and followed that with Freebie Spotlight releases of Combat Module Alternatives, More Fantasy Templates, Baseline Alternatives, Pulp Templates, Alternate Equipment, the Saga Machine Magnitude Chart and Character Design Alternatives. We also had our first major revision to the game mechanic conventions used by the Saga Machineline, and released these in the New Saga Machine Conventions document.

On the Trystell: Reborn front we released the new official Trystell: Reborn logo and the new character sheet for the setting. We also continued our parade of PDF supplements for the setting (working ever-closer to the eventual release of the final Trystell: Reborn hardback) with the release of Even More Traits and the Bestiary. These two supplements were included in the release of the Trystell: Reborn Player's Guide Beta and the Trystell: Reborn GM's Guide Beta, which saw both PDF and print release this year. We revised our previously-released Lifepath Worksheet, then continued our PDF releases with Pre-Generated Characters, Background Tables and Melanoc. We also saw a print release of the official Trystell: Reborn poster map. And, oh yeah, we announced the OpenTrystell: Reborn Beta program.

We released the logo for our first finalized setting for Saga MachineThe Zeotis supers setting--then released the actual setting itself, in both PDF and print, following it up with an official character sheet and a setting-specific encounter sheet.

In other areas we revamped the Tab Store, were a sponsor of the convention Intercon J and experimented with the possibilities of online advertising. Finally, we released Tab Creations' first packaged LARP, The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchman.

It was a busy and productive year. And there's more to look forward to in 2011.

Now that we've taken a look at what Tab Creations has accomplished in the past year, let's take a look ahead to the upcoming year and take a look at what there is to look forward to.

Let me here officially announce that the next setting for Saga Machine that will see print is Shadows Over Sol, our upcoming science fiction setting. Targeted for release in the first half of the year, this setting has been in the works conceptually for roughly a year now, and is currently in the writing stages. Expect the setting to contain plenty of conspiracies, spaceships, future-tech gear and horrors in space--all in a tidy, fairly-hard scifi package.

A bit further out we are giving thought to, and planning to release, our Arth alternate-history setting. This will present a variety of alternate-history possibilities for games, both the very strange and more down-to-earth.

It's been over two years just since the release of Saga Machine, and in that time many games have been ran using the system, and we've collected a variety of feedback on different ways the system could work or be presented. The New Saga Machine Conventions released last year we the first step in this direction, but as more feedback continues to come up, and more alternate sub-systems get written, we plan to release The Saga Machine Companion. This will be a print and PDF release that will collect the game's various sub-systems, providing a plethora of options for game masters looking to run a Saga Machine game. It will also take into account feedback hat has been collected over the years to set a new default standard of options for Saga Machine games.

We are, of course, continuing to release Trystell: Reborn PDFs, working towards the eventual final hardback. This hardback will be divided into three sections: a Player's Guide, Expanded Background and GM's Toolkit. The first of these sections is almost complete, between the contents of the Player's Guide Beta and Background Tables. The last of these sections also has a significant amount written--the contents of the GM's Guide Beta, plus Pre-Generated Characters. The middle section, however, has just began to be touched upon with the Melanoc release, and over the course of 2011, we expect to follow this up with a number of PDF releases, with the goal of working towards this section's completion. We also aim to write and release a full Trystell: Reborn pre-written campaign to eventually be included in the GM's Toolkit section. Expect these releases to continue throughout 2011, with a target Trystell: Reborn hardcover release in early 2012. Of course, throughout all this time the Open Beta program will continue.

Looking even further out past 2011, there's our Nexus Endtime setting still kicking about, and we've already mentioned the Trystell: Reborn hardcover. And who knows what else the future may bring.

So that's it for this Tab Update. We look forward to another good year, and another good quarter.

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