First Quarter 2009 Tab Update

First Quarter 2009 Tab Update

It's a brand new year and things are looking good for the Tab Creations Collective. This last year was marked by the release of Tab-System Classic, a revision of our legacy card-based system dating back to the originalSwords & Arrows Role-Playing Game, and the rest of the year was mostly spend in the development of our brand new house system Saga Machine, which was released on schedule in late November. With these two systems out of the way, it clears up our schedule for working on what has always been the fun part--settings. Finally, we have begun our ongoing online support of Saga Machine, with weekly "Freebie Spotlights," presenting tidbits of Saga Machine bonus content, appearing during any week there is not otherwise an important Tab announcement (such as this week's quarterly Tab Update).

Looking to the future, this year we have a number of releases in the works. Foremost in the pipeline is our first Trystell: Reborn supplement--Trystell: Reborn - Basics. This supplement will present not only a ready-for-players-to-read primer on the Trystell setting, it will also include all the bare bone new Traits and Equipment necessary to run a Trystell game in Saga Machine, including racial templates and power access traits for Trystell magic. And the expected release date for this supplement is soon: By the end of this month.

The next supplement in the pipe is another Trystell supplement--Trystell: Reborn - Lifepath Module--which will present an alternate character creation system geared towards creating organic characters in the world of Trystell. Together with the previous supplement, these two releases will form the Player's Guide portion of the upcoming Trystell hardback (but more on that in a moment). Expect this supplement sometime around the end of the first quarter.

The third supplement in the pipeline is our first full setting booklet for Saga Machine. It is also our first official release (finally) of The Zeotis, Tab's long-lasting supers setting. The target deadline for this book is the end of the second quarter.

Moving farther into the future than that, things become a little more blurry. We definitely plan to try to have all of the Trystell: Reborn supplements released and bound into a hardback by about the end of the year. There will also probably be another Tab Meeting sometime over the summer, to review how our current plans have held up, and make future ones. So more will be announced as things develop.

Speaking of Tab Meetings, though, there was a Tab Meeting last month. In it the design of Trystell's lifepath module was finalized, more work was done on preparing The Zeotis setting for its upcoming writeup, and the released version of Saga Machine was shown off. Good times.

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