Expert Bestiary Kickstarter Incoming!

Expert Bestiary Kickstarter Incoming!

The Age of Ambition: Expert Bestiary Kickstarter launches February 1! Mark your calendars. Or better yet, follow the included link and click "Notify Me on Launch."

A plethora of potential adversaries to harry even the mightiest heroes

The world of Trystell can be a daunting and dangerous place. This bestiary demonstrates just how deadly it can be, delving into a plethora of fearsome foes. From the greater elementals to cutting-edge lunar automatons, wherever the heroes may tread, adversaries and dangers await.

Age of Ambition: Expert Bestiary contains a treasure trove of new creatures to challenge even the mightiest heroes! It is a key supplement and its features include:

  • Almost ninety new monsters and other adversaries for the Age of Ambition roleplaying game!
  • Background on elementals, lycanthropes, automatons and how to use these enemies in your campaign.
  • Numerous stat blocks for masterful humanoid foes.

Age of Ambition: Expert Bestiary

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