Dime Adventures: World's Fair Released!

Dime Adventures: World's Fair Released!

Today we are happy to announce the release of the first adventure supplement for Dime Adventures! This is Dime Adventures: World's Fair. The blurb is below.

The 1904 Saint Louis World’s Fair is to be a wonder of the modern age! People of all stripes are flocking to it from around the world, including the heroes. But where heroes go, villains tread as well. A sinister force is at work in the shadows, perverting the dream of the World’s Fair into a dream of world conquest, and only the heroes can stop it!

Dime Adventures: World’s Fair is an adventure supplement for Dime Adventures. It features a thrilling location-based scenario, and is designed to run anywhere between two and five gaming sessions.

Current Status

Here is the current status of the various bits and pieces unlocked by the Kickstarter. The statuses here refer to the steps in our our publication process.


  • Expedition Beyond Mount Terror


  • Ready-Made Heroes

Queued for Final Release

  • GM Screen Inserts
  • Consequence Cards
  • Circles in the Sky

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