Dime Adventures Open Playtest

Dime Adventures Open Playtest

We are excited to announce the open playtest of Dime Adventures, our upcoming pulp alternate history roleplaying game! Dime Adventures uses the latest iteration of the Saga Machine system - the same base system used by Against the Dark Yogi and Shadows Over Sol.

Anyone can sign up for the open beta today, and download a fully-playable draft of the game rules! Just enter your email into the signup form here!

Want to know more about Dime Adventures? Here's the blurb:

Pulp Tales of an Alternate Earth!

The year is 1904, but this is not the world you know. Sure, the continents are all there; the people are there - as are many recognizable places and events in history - but things are different: the Holy Roman Empire still reigns; the Chinese claimed California; the Mongolian Empire stretches across much of Asia. History has also gotten weird: dark creatures stalk the night; there are rumors of alien influences at work; mystics wield mysterious powers; strange new sciences are seen every day; the dead rise from the grave. All the while modern movements sweep the globe and the remaining blank areas of the map are being revealed. The world is ripe for adventure.

Dime Adventures is a pulp alternate history role-playing game using the Saga Machine system.

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