Dime Adventures: Expedition Beyond Mount Terror released!

Dime Adventures: Expedition Beyond Mount Terror released!

Today we are happy to announce the release of our third adventure supplement for Dime Adventures! This would be Dime Adventures: Expedition Beyond Mount Terror. The blurb is below.

Antarctica, the final continent, is the mother of all blank spots on the map. Its frozen reaches are largely unexplored, and most the land has yet to be seen by human eyes. The heroes are part of an expedition that seeks to travel to the interior of the continent. In this, they will face rival expeditions, plotting secret societies and the challenges of the frozen wastes. But nothing can prepare them for the shock of what awaits where no human has yet to tread.

Dime Adventures: Expedition Beyond Mount Terror is an adventure supplement for Dime Adventures. It features an astonishing expedition scenario, and is designed to run anywhere from three to five gaming sessions.

Current Status

This is the final award unlocked by the Dime Adventures Kickstarter campaign. Backers should expect to receive a Kickstarter update later today. Meanwhile, those looking for more Dime Adventures gaming goodness should check out our Patreon, which features a Dime Adventures scenario later this month. Thanks, everyone, for your support! We couldn't have done it without you!

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