Dark Yogi Editing Complete

Dark Yogi Editing Complete

Yesterday we finally got the last of the Against the Dark Yogi chapters back from the editor. This leaves us the next couple weeks to go over the edits and prepare the files for the Kickstarter.

Just as with several other successful RPG Kickstarters, we are planning to make the full text of our game immediately available to all backers. This will give people a good idea of what they're getting by backing the Kickstarter. The text won't have art or have gone through layout, but it will have been written, playtested and edited. We're hoping this transparency will give potential backers the confidence that we have both produced a quality game and will finish it in a timely manner.

The fact that we've received the last of the edited chapters back also means that we're still on track for a February 4th Kickstarter. So long as nothing terrible happens with preparing the files or with last-minute cost estimate sanity checks, we should be good to go.

Finally, in other news, we continue to work with our graphic designer on the new logo. Expect something to be posted about that in the near future.

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