Atomic Rockets, Patreon Feedback and Writing Progress

Atomic Rockets, Patreon Feedback and Writing Progress

We announced this through our various social media accounts the other week, but haven't had to chance to yet through our blog:

Shadows Over Sol has been awarded Atomic Rocket's Seal of Approval! This is great news because Atomic Rockets is one of the best resources for hard science fiction on the internet. The site's author, Winchell Chung, knows his science. We visited the site many times when writing and revising Shadows Over Sol all those years ago. Also, we wish to give a special thanks to The GIT!, who helped make this happen!

Meanwhile, a little over a week ago we released Against the Dark Yogi: The Serpent's Brood through our Patreon and in the process sent out the 2018 Patreon Interest Survey. This survey aims to gauge our fans' interest in our various game lines and supplements, helping us plan future releases.

The results are in! As with the last interest survey we sent out, Shadows Over Sol remains our most popular game line. We were delighted, but also a bit surprised, that patreons showed the next most interest in Dime Adventures. Finally, Against the Dark Yogi followed up as a close third.

In contrast to the last interest survey, the responders this year were more divided over whether adventures or other supplements were preferred, although those preferring adventures were still in the majority.

As for other feedback, a couple patrons thought releases too infrequent. Also, several patrons showed interest in having the ability to back only a single game line, and that is an avenue we are actively investigating. Unfortunately, Patreon doesn't make supporting that feature easy, so we may have to convince them to implement it.

We are already beginning to integrate this feedback into planning future Patreon releases. We want to make sure that we give fans what they are interested in. And as always, our Patreon supports are wonderful and help make all this happen! The next Patreon release will be Shadows Over Sol: Thirst in April.

As a final note, the writing on Shadows Over Sol: Siren's Call is in its final stretches. Five of the eight chapters are complete. One is almost complete and the last two are well underway. The main writing is expected to be finished by the end of the month, with only a few touch-ups to complete after that. The final phase of the playtest will also be wrapping up in the next couple weeks. A tenative launch date for the Siren's Call Kickstarter has been set for Tuesday, March 13th. Expect an official announcement on that by the end of the month.

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