Age of Ambition: Consequence Cards is released!

Age of Ambition: Consequence Cards is released!

We are happy to announce the release of the Age of Ambition: Consequence Cards.

A key component of the Age of Ambition rules are for characters to take consequences - the mechanical representation of various penalties, bonuses or status effects influencing the character. Different mechanics within the game can cause consequences, including special traits, critical successes and failures - or any situation where the GM thinks the consequence will heighten the tension in the game!

Age of Ambition: Consequence Cards are a quick and easy way to keep track of consequences in your game! Simply set them on the table in front of you as your character takes consequences, or hand them out to other players when you cause them! Each of the 14 consequences listed in Age of Ambition are featured here.

Age of Ambition Update

This past week Character Options moved from writing to layout. We also received one illustration back for the Bestiary, and only one remains. This upcoming week we hope to receive that last illustration, and get physcial proofs ordered for Character Options, Campaign Options and the Bestiary. If we're lucky, we'll begin the writing for Out of Shackles as well. Here's where things stand:

  • Core Rulebook: Released in PDF! Please send us reports of any errors using the contact page. We'll release a corrected PDF on May 28.
  • Character Sheets: Available on our website, DriveThruRPG and Roll20.
  • Consequence Cards: Released!
  • GM Screen Inserts: Done. Queued for release.
  • Poster Map: Done. Queued for release.
  • Deluxe Box: Physical proof ordered.
  • Bestiary: Art direction. Waiting on the final illustration.
  • Campaign Options: Proofing.
  • Character Options: Layout.
  • Out of Shackles: Outlined.
  • Time Forgot: Outlined.
  • Will to Power: Outlined.

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