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Character with DEX 6 shooting a gun gets a +6 to their flip.
Character 2 with DEX 6 and Guns 2 shooting a gun gets a +5 to their flip.

I don't like the fact the skilled character has less of a bonus.

I read the Math section, but I disagree with the premise. So what happens if…

Characters always use 1/2 Attribute on all tests? Will this turn the game into “whiff fest”?


Skills are divided between common and professional. Common skills can always be used without penalty. Professional skills have a -2 penalty untrained. Characters always use full attribute + skill. OR always use 1/2 attribute + skill.


Instead the listed bonuses for skills, always use full attribute and then…

No Training -2 (common skill) / -4 (professional skill)
Basic Proficiency +0
Skilled Amateur +1
Professional +2
Renowned Expert +2 and flip 2 take best.
World-class +2, and flip 3 take best.

Have you folks dreamed up any alternatives you prefer?
At least in the Shadows Over Sol / Dime Adventures versions of Saga Machine, the rules as written would be:

* Character With Dex 6 and Guns 0 firing a gun would get +3 (half stat plus skill).

* Character with Dex 6 and Guns 2 firing a gun would get +5 (half stat plus skill).

The character would only ever get the full +6 from Dex 6 on flips that don't involve a skill at all. That is, the GM says “Make a Dex flip” rather than “Make a Dex/guns flip.” What the math sidebar is pointing out is that this system will generate a total bonus between 1 and 10, regardless of whether a skill to involved or not. (Since human stats range 1 to 10, half stat ranges 0 to 5 and skills range 0 to 5.)

The Against the Dark Yogi version of Saga Machine did things a little bit differently. In that version, you always add full stat, but if you are unskilled you take a -2 penalty. So in that version:

* Character With Dex 6 and Archery 0 firing a bow would get +4 (stat plus the -2 unskilled penalty).

* Character with Dex 6 and Archery 2 firing a bow would get +8 (stat plus skill).

The unfortuate side effect of this version of the skill system is that flips which include a skill often end up with higher totals than flips which call for a stat alone.
Ahhh, I misread that! Good to know!

I just picked up a bunch of stuff in print from DTRPG. Going to run this at Dragonflight in WA, and OrcaCon (WA) beginning of next year. I also ordered some nifty poker decks for DriveThru Cards.

Love the work you're doing. Going to write up some reviews. This needs more buzz!!
Thanks! We're always looking for reviews. Haven't had a lot of luck in that department.
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