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Today we are proud to release our second accessory for Shadows Over Sol: Science Fiction Horror Roleplaying! These would be the Shadows Over Sol: Consequence Cards.

A key component of the Shadows Over Sol rules are for characters to take consequences - the mechanical representation of various penalties, bonuses or status effects influencing the character. Different mechanics within the game can cause consequences, including special traits, critical successes and failures - or any situation where the GM thinks the consequence will heighten the tension in the game!

Shadows Over Sol: Consequence Cards are a quick and easy way to keep track of consequences in your game. Simply set them on the table in front of you as your character takes consequences, or hand them out to other players when you cause them! Each of the 14 consequences listed in Shadows Over Sol are featured here.

Status Report

The first printing proof for the Shadows Over Sol core rulebook had an issue with the lower margin. The files have been corrected, and sent to the printer for a second printing proof. See the DevBlog post here. We're hoping it will arrived and be given the OK next week.
The Small Mercy adventure is now finished with both editing and layout.
Printing proofs of the Shiny New Toys and Ready-Made Heroes supplements, and the Small Mercy adventure, have also been ordered.
The Small Mercy adventure is almost out of editing and will be entering layout soon.
The Beyond Human supplement is now in active layout. Both the Fatal Frontier supplement and the Eviction Notice adventure are waiting to be next in line.