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This will be our final update related to the Against the Dark Yogi Kickstarter, as at this point we have released all the products promised by the Kickstarter, and all the rewards have been shipped to backers.

Neither Tab Creations, nor the Against the Dark Yogi game line, are going to end, however! We are hard at work preparing our next two games: a casual horror spoof card game called We’re All Going to Die Here and a hard science fiction RPG called Shadows Over Sol. We may also have a couple more Against the Dark Yogi products in the planning stages as well. In the future look for occasional updates regarding our upcoming games.

Today, however, we released our official Against the Dark Yogi: GM Screen Inserts. These are three pages of important item properties, consequences and combat options, designed to make the Against the Dark Yogi GM’s life easier. The GM Screen Inserts are in landscape letter-sized format, designed for use with a variety of customizable GM Screen products.

That’s it for now. Happy gaming!