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Something unaddressed in ADY Campaign Options as far as I can tell is whether non-human characters can take abilities from the Inhuman Path from the ADY core. I mean specifically those associated with the different species in their core write ups, such as Burrow or Constrict for Naga, shapeshift for experienced/powerful Vanara, etc etc. Did I miss this in Campaign Options, or is it not addressed? What is your feeling on the possibility? I don't want to imbalance the game with human pcs easily outclassed, but I also would want to include the full potential of nonhumans' inhumanity. I mean, what's the point of playing Hanuman to another character's Rama if you can't shapeshift!
It's true that it's not addressed in Campaign Options, although in retrospect it probably deserved at least a sidebar.

Being the author and having run the game a bunch, my feelings are this: the traits on the Inhuman Path are priced so that they should be balanced if players take them. But in the end it's really up to the GM if she wants to allow non-human PCs access to Inhuman traits that would be on the species' write-ups.

While the prices of the Inhuman traits balance them, many of the traits still require that GMs give some thought how to plan for the traits in the game. For example, Shapeshift is a fun potential vanara trait (exactly as you mentioned!), but it's also a versatile enough trait that GMs ought to think about how to adjust challenges for it should they allow it. For example, a character with Shapeshift may be able to fool many guards and other potential foes, but a skilled Yogi with the correct traits can still see through it.
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