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The Against the Dark Yogi download at DriveThruRPG has been updated to include the EPUB and MOBI versions of the game, as well as an updated PDF. All three versions of the game also now include the corrected errata discovered in the last couple weeks. A list of the errata can also be found on our forums.

More Character Sheets!

Last week we announced the release of the form-fillable Against the Dark Yogi character sheet. Today we would like to announce two more character sheet options: a landscape character sheet and a form-fillable landscape character sheet! Consider these a free bonus for the game!

Printing Proofs Ordered

Over the last week we have ordered printing proofs for Against the Dark Yogi: Mythic India Roleplaying, as well as for the Against the Dark Yogi: Campaign Options supplement. These are expected to arrive with us either late this week or early next week. Once we receive the proofs we will look them over, and if there are no errors or other issues, place the general print order. On the other hand, should we find issues, we will need to correct the files with the printer and order another round of printing proofs.