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The following are confirmed changes, moving from Beta 3 to the future:
  • Added new stat blocks for the Dark Yogi, Wicked Kings, Pishachas, Suparnas and the various paths
  • Players may now freely choose their new caste when they reincarnate, regardless of karma
  • Rebalanced a few weapons
  • Intimidate requires the same zone, just as other social interactions
  • Skills from past life role during reincarnation is now 2 possessed skills of the player's choice, not the highest two.
  • Vastva Siddhi now specifies range and has had its action economy revised
  • Revised naga's paralytic poison ability
  • Revised move action rules for gaining or circumventing cover/concealment
  • Crit failing to expend bad karma is now done before playing a card
  • Playing a joker can burn a bad karma instead of refreshing hand
  • Revised Brahmarakshasa stat block
  • Weakness and vow traits can now remove bad karma as well as give good karma
Added changes
More changes.
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