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The following are confirmed changes, moving from Beta 2 to the future:
  • Added option to sell goods at character creation
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in the Bestiary, made some unique traits into similar path traits
  • Rebalanced armor
  • Spear, staff, bow and chakram rebalancedz
  • Clarified thrown property
  • Enlightenment now scales differently
  • Optional reincarnation rule added for swapping stats
  • Added clarifications on chakrams and the quiver mechanic
  • Clarified lasting aspect of performance consequences
  • Added rule for conflicting desire & fixated consequences
  • Clarified rule for Disabled consequence and limbs
  • Clarified Fear consequence's ending condition
  • Revised Disabled consequence
  • Adjusted effect of Coordinate action
  • Taunting now applies Fixation consequence instead of Desire consequence
  • Revised Desire consequence
  • Per session karma resolution changed to be: any bad karma remaining increases lifetime bad karma, more good than bad karma increases lifetime good karma
  • Altered action economy: Can declare actions until an action takes a card to resolve. End Consequence and Astra actions both end turn even though they do not take cards to resolve.
  • Hits now do minimum 1 damage, regardless of DR.
  • Coordinate and several traits now give Bolstered consequence rather than floating bonus.
  • Wait action not takes a crown prana rather than a brow
  • Simplified Dazed & Low Posture consequences' effect
  • Upped effects of Bleeding consequence
  • Tweaked weakness rules for enlightened retreat
  • Called Shot & similar effects cost a crown prana instead of a brow prana
  • Numerous changes to traits, pricing and structure of some paths
  • Changed effect of Fighting Blind to reflect the changes to the Invisibility trait
  • Simplified trick maneuver
  • Renamed “hits against the second Defense/Willpower TN” to be called “critical hits/effects”
  • Wrapped taunt action into performance subsystem
Added more changes.
More changes!
Changes for Beta 3 finalized.
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