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The following changes have been confirmed as happening for the next iteration of the playtest (which will be Beta 2).
  • Numerous changes to traits on various paths, names of traits and new traits.
  • Added three new PC paths: Performer, Spearman and Yogi.
  • Ascetic Vows path now simply called Path of Vows, vows now give good karma like weakness traits.
  • Innate modifiers for called shots and some weapon properties removed, replaced with prana costs.
  • Dodge & Resist actions are now based off full Defense or Willpower value, respectively.
  • Explicit stat blocks for the Charioteer's driver and Raja's attendant added.
  • Innate modifiers for range removed. Max range changed.
  • Simplified grapple to remove most modifiers.
  • Added two new weapons to the list
  • —-
  • Fixed some suggested specialities in the skill descriptions to fit genre better
  • Updated bestiary to account for path changes
  • Added option to sell goods at character creation

    Note this is not a final. comprehensive list. I'm adding items to this list as I decide on them and integrate the changes into the text. Expect this list to grow in the future.
Added entry about range changes and grapple changes.
Added entry about weapons.
Added updates.
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