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Full Version: [Alpha2] Confirmed Changes For Next Iteration
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The following changes have been confirmed as happening for the next iteration of the playtest (which will likely be Beta 1).
  • “Living Legends” have been renamed “Legends” and “Chosen” have been renamed “Elite.” The former is less wordy and the latter clearly distinguishes “Chosen” (as in the NPC rule) from “Chosen” (as in “Chosen of Dharma”.)
  • Zones of control have been removed. (But a similar reaction may be added as a trait to a melee path.)
  • Counts have been renamed “rounds.” (Despite the origins of the prana combat system in the count system, it's strayed far from its roots, and the term “round” is more standard.)
  • Some things that were TN 12 or 15 were changed to TN 13 or 16, respectively. (This brings them into alignment with the new TN scale rather than the old TN scale.)
  • Bonus to healing from medicine is Mag, not doubled End. (You know, to make how good you are at healing actually matter beyond “don't draw a Joker.”) Only make one action per set of healing.
  • Coordinate now uses Int and takes a crown prana instead of a throat prana.
  • Starting characters now begin with a set 2 good karma, 1 bad karma, rather than it being based on past castes.
  • Removed the “do nothing” requirement from austerities.
  • The feint action has been completely removed and replaced with the trick action.
  • Movement in zones from the Hustle action has been upped by one.
  • Revised the initiative system: go around the table, NPC acts if one doesn't know what one wants to declare.
  • Changed the rules for declaring and resolving actions on one's turn: Can declare actions until an attack is declared, concentrate declared or until an action is declared that takes a card to resolve.
  • Altered a variety of traits to account for the new actions per turn rule.
  • Removed the concept of ranked traits from the game (Since it was only being used by one trait); wording of that trait changed to reflect it.
  • Reincarnation rules changed to be less of a feedback loop with stats. Possibility to carry on inhuman traits added.
  • Hazard rules simplified to work more easily with austerities.
  • Bleed consequence has a new ending condition: Going unconscious due to negative HP.
  • Trade kits changed to give +2 bonus rather than negating penalty from lacking equipment.
  • Austerity system simplified dramatically. Made into a Det/wisdom action where up to the result can be taken in HP loss/prana gained. Takes eight hours. Taking longer can give a bonus to the action.
  • Size explicitly affects movement now.
  • Changed the encumbrance formula for Garima Siddhi (each point doubles encumbrance).
  • Added ability for players to burn off bad karma by making a success a crit fail.

    Note this is not a final. comprehensive list. I'm adding items to this list as I decide on them and integrate the changes into the text. Expect this list to grow in the future.
Added three new items to the list.
Added a new item.
Five more items added.
Altered healing, action economy lines. Added four new changes.
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