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Now that this iteration of the playlets (Alpha Test 2) is under way, I am interested in hearing people's opinions about what would be served well with a fix, tweak or change in some way for the next iteration. So far I have identified two areas that I think certainly need something of a change. They are given below:
  • There needs to be a more explicit handling of literacy. This has already been touched somewhat as errata in this iteration, but some thought needs to be given on how to handle this, and what that says about the game world in terms of literacy assumptions.
  • I think there needs to be more use for crown prana without the necessity of purchasing traits. Currently the only default uses for crown prana are feints. (Concentrate lists crown prana as its default type, but in practice its default type is never really used.)
    I am particularly interested in hearing people's on the new systems: karma, prana, zones and vassals. But here are a few open questions I am interested in thoughts on:
  • Are there too many types of prana? Would the game be better if there were fewer types to track and balance?
  • Are the second Defense and Willpower TNs too high? Too low? Just right?
  • Are max HP levels too high or too low or just right?
  • What changes would be beneficial to the karma system? One change I've considered is starting all characters with no ephemeral karma of either type at the beginning of sessions, and letting actions earn ephemeral points. This prevents people from digging themselves into a hole that's hard to climb out of, but it also reduces karma options at the beginning of sessions.
Nothing's set in stone at this point in terms of how things will end up rules-wise next iteration, but here's something along the lines of what I was thinking:

Stat Array for Incarnation you've played through:
– +1 for the highest stat, because your strength carries through
– +1 for the lowest stat, because you've learned how to cope with your weakness
– +1 to two other stats of your choice–whatever your soul sees as being important to carry on

Similarly, with previous incarnation skills and traits I think there's an issue. For example, if you were a superhuman or subhuman in a past life, eventually those special traits are going to filter out and never have a chance to come back. I'm thinking the skills/traits from a played-through incarnation may end up something like:

– Pick an incarnation trait or skill that you possess a trait in to carry on. Do this twice (no doubling up on skills, both of these for your role).

I'm still thinking through that, but those are my thoughts at the moment.
Suggestion: Make Coordinate use Int and crown prana.

Suggestion: Make the basic move cost no prana.

Suggestion: Remove zone of control attacks, except maybe as something that can be bought as a trait.

Suggestion: Make extra HP healed through medicine be Mag instead of doubling End.

Suggestion: Make starting karma fixed rather than being based on past lives (maybe 2/1).

Suggestion: Determine starting stats using an array rather than through past lives (maybe 9,8,7,6,6,5,4,3).

Suggestion: When undergoing austerities assume first chakra is full before gaining prana through HP loss.

Suggestion: Remove “overflowing chakras” system. Simply make siddhis 1/session and require undergoing a day of austerities beforehand.

Suggestion: Rename “living legend” to “legendary” and “chosen” to “exceptional”.
Suggestion: Chakra master power to see prana?

Suggestion: Make feint stronger, since it's really just like aim but takes an action

Suggestion: Remove the “do nothing” requirement for austerities

Suggestion: Have an animal handler path?

Suggestion: Make the healer's kit give a bonus, not just ignore a penalty.

Suggestion: Poison should say it stops when the target fails an End roll due to negative HP.
I really enjoyed reading this post. I congratulate you for the terrific job you've made. Great stuff, just simply amazing!
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