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Page 11 - “Spending Bad Karma” should be revised to say: “After any action has been made and a card played for it, but before…”

Page 46 - “Coordinate” should be revised to say: This includes reactive actions, such as Dodge or Resist.

Page 52 - “Actions by Vassals” should be revised to say: This attack is treated just like an attack from a single character: It can only target one character unless a trait says otherwise, etc.

Page 95 - Revise the language trait to say the following: By default a character can speak one language, plus any additional chosen as part of Finishing Touches. This trait allows a character to speak or write another language. Speaking and writing languages are purchased separately. A character may speak a language she cannot read and visa versa.

Page 123 - The Epilepsy weakness should be revised to say: “The first time in a scene where you draw a Joker…”

Page 139 - All modes of transportation are lacking stats. These should be
  • Boat: HP 50 DR 3 Size +1
  • Cart: HP 25 DR 2 Size 0
  • Chariot: HP 25 DR 5 Size 0
  • Wagon: HP 50 DR 2 Size +2
Updated with Epilepsy clarification.
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