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I (and my brother independently of me) am looking to collect and compare systems with more detailed rules for realm management, settlement management, settlement, etc. Ideally these would be at least as sophisticated as A Song of Ice and Fire or Mutant Year Zero systems regarding such topics. I just posted on that topic in regards to AoA. Do the other systems rules for this? Any non tabcreations systems anyone would recommend?
The Shadows Over Sol supplement Siren's Call does sci-fi colony building and may be similar to what you're looking for (albeit sci-fi). We also have an Age of Ambition project in the works which is all about running a city.

Other than that, Adventurer Conqueror King (ACK) has a fairly in-depth system, if you like OSR. GURPS Alpha Centauri has a pretty good sci-fi one, if GURPS is to your liking. I really enjoyed the Starshield Empire Playing Game back in the day, if you can manage to locate a copy; it's a sci-fantasy setting. I've also heard good things about Pathfinder Kingmaker, although I have not played it.
Much obliged. I've been working on a master list with my brother which we plan to use and distribute to at least his friends that GM that are interested and some of those hadn't shown up on our radar. I am a big fan of GURPS, and the Kingmaker series is solid. I look forward to your Age of Ambition project and have your The Shadows Over Sol on my list.
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