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Tom B
Is there an easy way to strip out the need for Khalid components or Lunar mechanisms? Personally, I really dislike that aspect of magic. It's (IMO) distracting and cumbersome. I don't want to have to sidetrack adventures so the Mage can go scavenging for things so he can be a Mage. Has anyone done something a bit more standard in this regard?
I know a lot of GMs who don't make archers track every arrow - they just assume that archers have the arrows they need when they go to fire a bow. Since kalid parts / lunar devices are basically just magical “ammo,” the easiest thing to do would be to handle it this way and just assume they have them when they go to cast a spell.
Tom B
Okay. It's something I'll have to feel out in play. Maybe some type of spell point mechanism or something. Unfortunately, I dislike the whole concept, so I won't be pretending they have the khalid pieces and mechanisms at all.

I need to dive a bit more into the magic system and see if some type of limiting mechanism is needed.

Thanks for the fast response!
If you don't like it thematically, another possibility is to replace the “Draw Reagent” action involved in casting with a “Hand Gestures or Other Somatic Component” action and call it a day.
Tom B
Thanks, I'll consider that as well.
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