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Tom B
Starting a new campaign, thus the flood of questions…

One thing my campaign has that is not very well supported in the books are stunners. Tasers without the darts. I don't have a firm enough grasp of the system and damage to provide appropriate stats for them.

Average strength with a stun baton would result in damage of 23L/17L/11L/8L. Since I'm looking at light pistol, heavy pistol, light rifle, and heavy rifle equivalents…I'm thinking this would fall in line with a heavy pistol? Light rifle?

How would you scale ranged stunners? What kind of range?

Any thoughts or suggestions?
To turn guns into stunners, my first instinct is that I would just take the stats for the pistols or rifles, change the damage from Moderate to Light and give them the Stun property. So, for example, a Light Stun Pistol would be 12L/8L/4L/2L Stun. Or a Heavy Stun Rifle would be 21L/14L/7L/3L Stun.
Tom B
Interesting. I'll try that and see how it looks. Thanks.
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