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I received this message today on Reddit. It's from Neverborn, who you may remember from Dark Ages a long, long time ago.

hi! sorry for the weird cold DM. i have a really weird Q for you. i got stuck in a early 2000s nostalgia craze and remembered how my whole high school in Illinois ended up playing a weird text-based war game. do you happen to have copies of the forum from back then (2002/3-2005 i guess)? the wayback machine doesn't have anything but the indexes, but literally, i remember so much just seeing them! i can barely remember what i ate for dinner yesterday but i can tell you empire names and shit from Dark Ages 15 years ago.

thanks for reading! hope you and the kansas guys are well!

–Priestess of the Moon/neverborn/The Iron Hill/etc. of Hidden Power/Primordial Fury/etc.
Makes me feel so old when I think that was so long ago…
I randomly stumbled upon this on the internet. This site must automatically generate shirts from search terms or something…
Well, that's new.
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