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Hey, I'm planning on running some Shadows Over Sol at the Strategicon game convention next Labor Day in Los Angeles. My plan was to run three sessions, with four players per session. I was wondering if you guys had a program for providing prize support/swag for events like this, and, if you do, how I could be a part of it.
We don't have an official convention program at the moment because, quite frankly, we've never discussed it.

We do, however, have our big semiannual company meeting next week and I'll make sure to bring this up as a possibility. I'll let you know what we come up with, but it may take about a week. (Thankfully, Strategicon isn't until September, anyway.)
Cool! Anything would be fun. I was thinking something small for each player who shows up (perhaps a lanyard or badge-holder), and then one bigger item to be won as a raffle prize, chosen from all the players who participated during the weekend (maybe a printed core book?). I'm going to try and talk my roommate into running a session or three as well, to boost the signal a bit more.
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