So far we've tried three versions of the initiative system. Which is your favorite and why? Do you have any other recommendations for initiative?

I don't dislike the pass back-and-forth one, and I think it still offers interesting tactical decisions, but I agree that the number of UNinteresting tactical decisions it forces you to make work against it. Of the remaining two, I agree that AP refreshing on your turn is more interesting and exciting. It offers tactical options like “Screw That Guy, In Particular” where you can strategically have PC's who have guns but are so-so at combat burn AP off the bad guy by forcing Dodge spends and then have your heavy hitters lay them out when they're spent. Taking coordinated actions like that feels fun.

This chapter the rules for jokers and trumps allow you pick which stack to take, and it won't be a critical fail if you don't take the joker. How is that working out? Do you prefer the current rules or the old rules?

I actually kind of miss the unavoidable nature of Jokers, but I think this is better for game balance and brings adder trumps more in line with how they are probably intended to be.

This chapter the rules for actions on your turn state that only one action can require a flip; it doesn't have to be your last action. How is this working out? Do you prefer this version of the rules or the old one, where an action requiring a flip was always your last action?

I admit I was always kind of unclear on the design intent behind making the flip action always be the last action, and I viewed this as a welcome change.